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In the left lane of each listing there's a Show only selection panel as shown below . Click Sold items and all the listings shown will indicate final price. If the listing ends without enough bids to meet the reserve price, you aren't required to sell the item. You can learn more about reserve prices on our help page. Who is Selling on eBay? There are a few different types of eBay sellers. You've got your newbies or amateur resellers, who sell a few items at a fixed price, and  Setting the right price for a “Buy It Now” listing is trickier. However, a little homework can help. Search eBay for completed listings of items similar to yours, and see  For those that do not know when a listing on eBay is accepted via best offer it does not show the actual sold price on eBay sold listings page. 8 Nov 2017 Checking Sold Listings. Search eBay for the item you want to sell. Down at the bottom of the left-hand sidebar, under “Show only,” you  1 Mar 2019 Auction site eBay has transformed the way we sell our unwanted goods. Instead of visiting a jumble sale or holding a car boot, thanks to the 

SOLD - Rare Lighter Fetches *$14,700. ONLINE - This rare Dunhill Pocket Lighter with a Concealed Watch recently sold for *$14,700 (*based on monetary-exchange-rate at time of sale). "The latest news about top doll auctions and sales from around the world."Source: eBay - January 12, 2014

Update 9-18-19: Thanks to a very clever user, we are now able to find the actual best offer price again!. Update 9-20-19: Fixed an issue that was causing prices over $1,000 to be displayed incorrectly, removed the shipping price until I can find a more reliable way to get it. Please consider donating to FlipperTools to help me continue to support the free tools on this site. Vinyl Records for sale | eBay How To Choose Vinyl Records. Despite the popularity of digital music and CDs, vinyl is still a hit with listeners of all ages. Think of what albums your collector may be … Search Completed Listings - eBay 1. From "Advanced Search" check mark the box for Completed listings onlyA view of the completed listings returned. 2. From the Completed Listings search results page, easily view shipping costs, links to similar active items on eBay and links to list similar items How to Research Completed eBay Listings for Pricing Nov 15, 2019 · eBay Completed Listings are listings that have run their course and ended either with a sale or as unsold. These listings hold valuable information about how much a buyer will pay for a specific item, what keywords to use in titles, and how to describe items to buyers.

If the listing ends without enough bids to meet the reserve price, you aren't required to sell the item. You can learn more about reserve prices on our help page.

Sold listings. Price. Show items priced from $ to $. Buying formats. Auction Buy It Now Classified Ads. Condition. New Used Not Specified. Show results. Listings. Know what items are most likely to sell • Estimate optimal start price and potential final value • List similar items quickly • Maximize chances of selling  Strategies to reveal the completed listing Best Offer selling price on sold eBay items -

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26 Oct 2017 eBay's iPhone X activity is the largest since the iPhone 6. There are over 200 sold X's ranging from Apple's list price to a high of $8,400 Buy It 

Vintage CorningWare isn't actually worth thousands on eBay ... Adam Zimmerman of Syl-Lee Antiques told Insider that eBay sellers can manipulate listings to look like they've sold items for higher prices. If an item appears to have sold for a high even number with no bids, it's probably not a legitimate sale, Zimmerman said. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories.

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